Jobseeker FAQs

What is the Nursing Jobs Fair?
Building on the runaway success of our universal Healthcare Job Fairs, we are now focusing our superlative job fair model specifically on nurses of all grades and specialities, to bring the same excellence in healthcare talent acquisition to the fields of nursing and midwifery. This gives nurses and midwives an indispensable opportunity to meet face-to-face with premiere healthcare employers from all over the globe, and discover a world of exciting new career opportunities and chances to live and work abroad.
What is a Job Fair?
The Nursing Jobs Fair is a unique opportunity for nurses and midwives of every grade and specialisation to network and engage with top healthcare employers from all over the world. Those in attendance can interact with recruitment teams to learn more about available positions and potential career paths. They streamline the hiring process by allowing nurses and recruitment teams to interface in a laid-back setting that facilitates rapid onboarding by providing space for on-the-spot interviews, with some employers making job offers on the very day! Attending a Job Fair is useful for those who are looking to explore their options, as they can meet with many hiring professionals and consider several opportunities at a time, all with unfettered access to exactly the people capable of answering any questions they may have regarding the jobs being offered.
What should I wear to the Nursing Jobs Fair?
It is important to make sure you dress appropriately when attending a Job Fair to look professional and impress hiring managers. The way you present yourself will serve as the first impression to those with whom you interact at the Job Fair. Making sure to stand out and presenting a professional front can make all the difference to those who are responsible for hiring new employees. Dress as if you are attending a job interview as some employers may be conducting interviews on the day.
How to prepare for the Nursing Jobs Fair?
Research the employers you want to speak with at the job fair and check out their corporate website – learn something about them as an employer that you can reference when you talk with them! This shows a keen interest in working with their organisation and that you’ve put effort in before going to talk with them. Have a plan in mind for employers you have to see; employers you’d like to see and employers that don’t fit the profile of what you’re looking for.
Who will be looking to recruit at the Nursing Jobs Fair?
Our Nursing Jobs Fair is exclusively for employers to directly recruit professionals from across all specialities and grades of nursing and midwifery. Keep a close eye on this website in the run up to the Job Fair for information on employers and jobs on offer at the Job Fair. The list is updated regularly. Note that recruiters and other agencies are not permitted to attend, leaving you free to engage directly with hiring organisations themselves.
How long should I stay at a Nursing Jobs Fair?
Allow enough time to meet all the employers you are interested in speaking with and be available for interviews on the day if required – we recommend staying for your full 1 hour 30 minute slot.
How to make it easier for employers to hire you?
Create a digital employment profile with our very own recruitment software platform Healthdaq, completely for free ( Healthdaq helps guide you on your recruitment journey and takes care of all the tedious tasks of gathering together your employment documentation. With one click, Healthdaq will turn your credentials into an electronic CV that can be updated on the move and transferred to employers simply by letting them scan your unique QR code. On adding to your Healthdaq profile your profile will gain strength as you upload documents and provide your professional profile information highlighting your healthcare skills and experience. Healthdaq has made recruitment paperless by digitising all documents, meaning no need to bring your CV, passport, or other relevant documents.
What to bring to the Nursing Jobs Fair?
A pen. A writing pad for notes and contact information. Your smart phone with your Healthdaq profile or a printed version on your Healthdaq CV, so potential employers can scan your unique QR code. And don’t forget a positive attitude!